Breeders since 1960…
Feed producers since 2001


The family Pinta begins to breed pigs since 1960 and, over the following decades,  becomes  one of the best and most important  leaders in this field investing in the most  modern and innovative facilities and in genetic high-level production.

 Based on the experience gained it decides  to build, in the early 2000s, a feed mill highly technological and to  undertakes also  the business of production and marketing of feed.

 FP MANGIMI distinguishes itself for the peculiarity of feed production only for pigs , thereby ensuring its products for the careful selection of raw materials and the high level of specialization in feed formulation.
The company is having a constant growth and development and is emerging as a feed mill reference to pig farmers.


  • Exclusive production of pig feed
  • Analytical  and quality control of raw materials and final processed products
  • Testing of new diets in our own farms before entering the market
  • Hightly specialised and skilled staff in the field of pig health and nutrition
  • Research and development in cooperation with italian and european universities
  • Study of formulas  and nutritional plans for piglets, to meet the needs and demands of each breeder
  • Feed production with high and constant quality standards . feed available in flour, micro pellets and crumbled
  • Using of vitamins and trace elements highly bio-available, to improve the health of pigs
  • Motivation and qualification of all personnel working on the  production
  • Respect for the environment: control  of dust and noise at the feed mill plant; photovoltaic, purification  plants and biomass boilers installed on the breeding site


A team of professional and technical specialists in veterinary pathology and breeding of pigs is available for the breeders.
The breeders of pigs can take advantage of our consultancy for all their requirements such as :

  •  NUTRITIONAL: in order to optimise performances and study suitable diets.
  • ANIMAL  HEALTH: in order to increase the health of the pigs and consequently their productivity.
  • GENETIC: to maximise the potential of the genetics utilised.
  • INFRASTRUCTURAL: to recommend equipment and optimal systems for the breeding plants.
  • IT: to install and interpret software data concerning breeding production and economic management.
  • VETERINARY: for urgent intervention in case of disease, planning vaccinations and prevention to improve the health status of the breeding farm.


All our feed products have passed safety and reliability tests with excellent results obtained as regards health, wellness and cost per kilo of meat, in the various  stages of pork production.
All feedstuff is tested on property breeding farms, and put on the market  after passing safety and reliability tests and achieving the best zootechnical results.
The feed for weaners is available  in fine powder, micro-pellet or crumbled, and is marked with bags of different colours according to the type, in order to facilitate the identification and the work at the brreding farm.



Trade name: welcome, baby start, evolution
Presentation: flour, micro-pellet, crumbled
Sold in 25 kg colored bags, 1000 kg big bags or in bulk

Wide range of creep feed for a high flexibility of use and to meet the needs and preferences of the farmers.
Key features of palatability, reliability and safety results, for piglets at weaning distinguished by weight, uniformity, vitality and excellent state of health.



Trade name: perfect plasma, profit start, grow profit
Presentation: flour, micro-pellet, crumbled
Sold in 25 kg colored bags, 1000 kg big bags or in bulk

Feed of great importance, to be used in the delicate weaning transition. Supplemented with highly bio-available vitamins  and natural modulators of immunity.
In this prestaster  phase all the feed is extremely  palatable and contains natural products useful to maintain the  health of the intestinal microenvironment.



Trade name: P zero profit, P zero fast, P1-profit, P1 boost
Presentation: flour, micropellet, crumbled
Sold in 25 kg colored bags, 1000 kg big bags or in bulk

Our feed designed for this phase of piglets growth have brilliantly reached the goals expected by the farmers: obtaining animals of 25-30 kg at a cost per kilo of meat as advantageous as possible with an optimal health state.
 The reliability with regard to the absorption of nutrients and the activation of the immune system, makes these feed  an ideal choice to face and overcome the possible pathologies in  the particular stage of life, thus obtaining  heavier pigs and consequently benefiting in the fattening stage.



Trade name: P2 growth, P3 growing, P4 finishing fattening
Presentation: flour, standard pellet
Sold in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg big bags or in bulk

These feedstuff  have been designed and tested in compliance with  the final product wanted  and to genetic availability. The use of raw materials of high quality protein digestibility allows for excellent feed efficiency and ensure the quality of fresh meat and ham, if pigs are respectively light and intermediate, or  intended for the production of “prosciutto di Parma and San Daniele consortium”.
The vast assortment, constancy and uniformity of these feed for the fattening stage and the excellent  zootechnical performances realized by the pigs, represent the guarantee and security for farmers to obtain a finished product of absolute value.




Trade name: gilts P5, P6 gestation, prepartum P8, lactation P8, P9 boars
Presentation: flour, standard pellet
Sold in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg big bags or in bulk

All the diets for reproducers are characterized by the presence of vitamin-mineral supplements of optimal bioavailability and by  nutrient levels appropriate to the particular breeding and genetics requirements.
The use of these diets for reproducers allows to achieve very good results as concerns the number and weight of piglets per sow per year.
The safety and quality of the feed  allow farmers to work successfully with modern hyper-prolific genetics, and represent a further  recognition of our professionalism and specialization.



Presentation: flour, standard pellet
Sold in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg big bags or in bulk

For each type of feed we  can provide complementary products in variable  percentages as  from a minimum of 5%.
According to the raw materials available it is possible to obtain customized diets with excellent nutritional profiles.
Our technical service-feed formulation is at the disposal of customers to assist in the best and most profitable use of our complementary products.


Breeders since 1960…
Feed producers since 2001

The quality standards of our feed allow us to be present in a large part of the national territory involved in pig breeding and we are now ready to face the foreign market too.


Via Canubia,5
Fraz. Madonna dell’Olmo, 12100 Cuneo (CN) – Italy
Phone: +39 0171 413930

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